A global community of scientists and educator that promote social change through films


To contribute to the scientific, social and emotional education of children and youth internationally through the constitution of a global community that screens films on social and environmental issues in schools and universities.

The Planetdoc platform casts the challenge of thinking our contemporary societies in a transdisciplinary way in order to draw lines of reconnection that make clear the important role that human beings play in conducting the planet’s destiny.

  • The Planetdoc.org network aims to foster a wider understanding of science and nature through films.
    We believe that science and education can deeply benefit from the motivational and inspirational power of films to communicate knowledge and experience, as well as to increase awareness about the realities we live in our planet and its interdependence.
  • Constituted eminently by universities and educational institutions, the Planetdoc.org network promotes access to audiovisual theme campaigns worldwide during the whole year. The final goal is to nourish knowledge that directs technological development and innovation to the conservation of life.

    Shared experiences

    Exchange with other engaged individuals worldwide

    Uniting people

    Connecting intentions and tranformative initiatives

    Heads, hands and hearts

    Creating awareness, protecting the planet and fuelling action

    We are the connection.